How do I inquire about hiring a lawyer from a Harmonie Group member firm ?
Answer: Click on the membership page and scroll down to the jurisdiction in which you need a lawyer. You may e-mail or call the contact listed for the law firm serving your jurisdiction.

Where did you get the name The Harmonie Group?
Answer: The Harmonie Group was founded at a meeting of several of our founding members at the Harmonie Club in New York City in 1993. The Group wanted a name that reflected its goals, one of which is to create a harmonious relationship between clients and their lawyers.

Do Harmonie Group member firms handle only insurance defense matters?
Answer: No. Although Harmonie Group member firms focus on defending and trying lawsuits, many Harmonie Group member firms have business and corporate departments, capable of handling a wide array of legal issues. Please contact the individual firms to determine their capabilities, or visit their Web sites.

Is the Harmonie Group a law firm?
Answer: The Harmonie Group is neither a law firm nor a partnership. Each law firm member is a separate entity that performs its own work independently for its clients and is solely responsible for the quality of its work. No member of the Harmonie Group accepts legal responsibility for another firm's work.

May I attend a Harmonie Group meeting?
Answer: We are always looking for potential clients to attend our meetings. Please contact Tim Violet at The Harmonie Group for more information.

May I join the Harmonie Group?
Answer: With a few exceptions, membership in The Harmonie Group is limited to one firm per geographic area. Firms interested in membership should contact Tim Violet.

What does the Harmonie Group offer potential clients that they won't find at other law firms?
Answer: The Harmonie Group offers insurance companies and corporations the benefit of a network of carefully selected, pre-screened law firms across the country and Canada, who are capable of and committed to effective and efficient defense of their clients.

How much do Harmonie Group firms charge for their services?
Answer: Each firm establishes its own rates for its services, which are negotiated directly with the client. All Harmonie Group member firms are experienced defense firms committed to providing effective and efficient legal services and value to their clients.

Are there Harmonie Group member firms in Canada?
Answer: The Harmonie Group provides access to representation in Canada with the Canadian Litigation Counsel. CLC has member firms in each province. These law firms are dedicated to defense and are carefully selected for their commitment to corporations, insurers and third party administrators. For more information on the CLC, click here.

How do I contact Harmonie?
Answer: Any of the member firms listed on our website will be happy to take your call. Alternatively, please contact Tim Violet
at the Harmonie Group.


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